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TABrite (Banjo - Guitar - Mandolin - Bass)
The best program, in it's class, for the PC I've ever seen is TABrite. It's fun and easy to use. It is great for writing tablature and playing back the midi file you can make of the tab you wrote. Very good for learning other tabs done with TABrite. Prints out a professional looking copy of the tab. I recommend this program to ALL pickers!

March 19, 2005
NOTICE!!! The full TABrite tablature writing program for the PC is now FREE! The TABrite authors, Al and Duane Langston, pioneers in tab writing programs for the computer, due to unforeseen problems, no longer have their website. Al and Duane have made the TABrite program free to the music community from the link below. Please note product support will not be available from them since they are no longer on the Internet. BUT...should you need it, help should be available from TABrite users in the many banjo or other music groups on the Net.

Click to download
NoteAfter you install TABrite, do the following:

Place a shortcut for the "TABwin43.exe" on your desktop. You'll find it in your Program Files\TABwin43 Folder.
Be sure to copy the
"Tab.ttf" file into your Windows\Fonts Folder. If cut and paste don't work to put a copy of the tab.ttf into the Fonts folder, do this: Open CONTROL PANEL, click on FONTS, FILE, INSTALL NEW FONTS and select the tab.ttf to be installed.

Now, to view a tablature, open TABrite and click on FILE/OPEN and select the "bjo" file that was in the zip file. When you first open TABrite you may see "gui" for the file to open. That's for guitar tabs. One the menu up top, select "bjo" for banjo tabs.

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NoteTABrite requires you have DirectX installed in your computer.
Click to get the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft

If you don't need the full TABrite tab writing program above, then download this FREE TABview program to VIEW, PRINT and PLAY files made with the TABrite program.

Click to download
TABview reader for the Mac,
hold down the SHIFT KEY
and left click HERE

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