A Banjo picker took his houn' dog to the vet and complained that the dog was "bad sick". The doc did a quick check and informed the Banjo picker that the dog was dead. The Banjo picker insisted that the dog was just "bad sick" and demanded that the vet treat the dog. The vet turned to his lovely assistant and said "get the tabby".

She left the room and soon returned with a large, tough looking tabby cat. The vet took the cat and placed it at the head of the dog and stood back. The cat bowed up and (with claws extended) batted the dog about the eyes and ears six or eight times. Getting no response, the cat then moved up on the dog's back and began the claws-extended, getting-ready-to-lay-down dance that cats do. Again, getting no response, the cat moved to the dogs's rear end and sniffed a few times around the base of the tail, and then bit the tail hard. Getting no response again, the cat walked off in disgust. By this point the Banjo picker was finally convinced the dog was dead, and asked the vet how much money he owed. The vet said "$200.00." The Banjo picker was taken aback and asked why the cost was so high. The vet said: "$50.00 for my examination and $150.00 for the cat-scan".

Thanks to Mike Hatfield.